February 14, JESUS IS ______________? week six

by CLC_Staff on February 9, 2016

1-3-16 Jesus Is, week 1

Jesus , Friend of Sinners

This sobriquet is meant as a slur by those who use it. I think Jesus would consider it a complement. So, how does our church reflect this nickname?

Scripture Reference: Luke 7: 18-35


JESUS IS ______________? week five

by CLC_Staff on February 2, 2016

1-3-16 Jesus Is, week 1

Jesus the Humble Healer

With all Jesus did, he has to have had the worst PR department ever. Why does Jesus shun publicity? What do we learn from that?

Scripture Reference: Luke 4: 31-42 and 5: 12-26



by CLC_Staff on January 26, 2016

1-31-16 Jean LeMahieu Psalm 138Pastor Jean LeMahieuThis week we welcome Pastor Jean LeMahieu from Mears, Michigan. She is filling in for Pastor Tom while he is away.

PSALM 138:

Psalm 138 is a Thanksgiving psalm written by David who thanks God for intervening in his life.  It is a psalm that is intended to stir us to praise and to encourage our hearts.  It points us to God’s great vision for humanity as well as reminds us who God is and what He does for us in times of trouble.  As we look at its composition we will find that it is a psalm that not only can shape our own prayers, but shape our lives as well.

JESUS IS ______________? week four

January 18, 2016

Jesus is A Reality Check The Calling of the Disciples – Afraid of what he might ask, Peter in Luke 5:8 tells Jesus to “Go away from me Lord, for I am a sinful man!” What are we afraid of when Jesus calls? Change I’m going to mess this up I’m in over my head […]

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JESUS IS ______________? week three

January 14, 2016

Jesus is The Savior For Everyone Luke signals right away in his gospel that the Good News is for everyone, and therefore includes some very unexpected people. This enrages some of Jesus’ early hearers. Who might those “unexpected” people be today? Scripture Reference: Luke 4: 14-30  

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JESUS IS ______________? week two

January 5, 2016

Jesus is The Road Less Traveled The Temptation of Jesus – Before any ministry is begun there is temptation which, in this case, causes great strengthening. Does it happen the same with us when God calls us to action? Luke 4: 1-13

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JESUS IS ______________? week one

December 28, 2015

Jesus is God’s Plan for Salvation Luke begins his gospel in a unique way: With an orderly introduction With the birth of John the Baptist This signals to us that God has a well ordered plan to save people and bring them into the Kingdom of God. God does not react, He initiates. The Good […]

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December 23, 2015

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You As we start a New Year, I would like to say, “Blessed New Year” instead of “Happy New Year”. It may not catch on, but I will try. More to the point, can this classic Old Testament blessing make a difference or are they just words? As […]

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December 21, 2015

Thursday, December 24 – 7pm This special time of celebrating the birth of Jesus will include special music, readings, carols and a message entitled, “Oh, to be a Shepherd!” brought to you by Pastor Tom. Music is by Bernadine Johnson and friends. Be sure to bring your family and friends. You won’t want to miss […]

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December 14, 2015

So, what are you looking for? There is a fair amount of “looking” in the brief accounts of Jesus’ birth. Shepherds, Magi and Herod. Are we all looking to find Jesus? People are still looking. Today we explore how people find Jesus today. Hint: It takes help and you have to be looking for the […]

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