MAKING ROOM – Sunday, February 25 – 10am

by CLC_Staff on February 19, 2018

Making Room – Practicing Hospitality… Not Entertaining

Hospitality has changed in meaning and in scope since biblical times. We need to recover the best of this Christian virtue.

Scripture Reference: Matthew 25: 31-46


DIMINISHING ANGER – Sunday, Feb. 18 at 10am

by CLC_Staff on February 11, 2018

Diminishing Anger

Anger and its partner, contempt, run amok in our society today. We need to greatly diminish it, in our own lives and in the lives of those around us. Today we look at Jesus’ teachings in the Sermon on the Mount.

Scripture Reference: Matthew 5: 21-26, 38-42


BE BOLD, week five – Sunday, February 11 – 10am

by CLC_Staff on February 5, 2018

Be A Bold Witness

As Bing Crosby says in the movie, White Christmas, “Everybody has an angle.” This is so true. We live in a culture of tolerance. Many people tell us not to be preachy or force religion down their throats; yet advertisers, capitalists, academics, politicians, and celebrities tell us what to think all the time. They too are evangelizing….why not us?

Scripture References: I Peter 3:14-16


THE IMPACT OF GOD’S WORD February 4 – 10am

February 2, 2018

The Impact of God’s Word This week we welcome, as our speaker, Pastor Mike Wissink, Campus Minister at Ferris State University. Today Pastor Wissink will speak to us about change. Change is an inevitable part of life. We make choices everyday, which are going to affect us for a long time to come. Scripture Reference: […]

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BE BOLD, week 4 – Sunday, January 28 – 10am

January 23, 2018

Live Through the Power of the Spirit   We have the Spirit, through the ministry of Jesus Christ. It is a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline. How can we live so that this is manifest in our lives?   Scripture Reference: II Timothy 1:3-12

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BE BOLD, week 3 – Sunday, January 21 – 10am

January 15, 2018

Live Life in Christ   Nicodemus is a learned and important person in Jewish society of the day, and yet he did not understand being born again. Do we? The life we want to live, that is new and different and is Good News to the world, is this a born again life?   Scripture […]

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BE BOLD, week two – Sunday, January 14 – 10am

January 9, 2018

Relying on Prayer This story shows the simple action of asking and relying on Jesus. We too want to live within this kind of prayer. This week we’ll learn to be more like the Centurion. Scripture Reference: Matthew 8: 5-13

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BE BOLD, week one

January 3, 2018

Get Out of the Boat Only this gospel reports Peter’s attempt to also walk on water. Peter’s “sinking” is a sign of doubt, however, he’s the only one out of the boat. This week we look at walking by faith. Scripture Reference: Matthew 14: 22-36

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December 27, 2017

Some face the future with uncertainty and trepidation. Paul wants us to face the future with excitement and hope. These verses in Romans 8 helps us to do that. Scripture Reference: Romans 8:31-39

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December 20, 2017

Sunday, December 24 – Fourth Sunday in Advent During his four-week Advent series Pastor Tom will be preaching on the first chapter of each of the four Gospels.… Week Four: Opening Up the Gospel for Advent – John The story of Jesus for John starts, “in the beginning”. Even the most basic Bible student would recognize […]

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