April 24 – THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, week 4

by CLC_Staff on April 25, 2016

Ten Commandments, week 4

Well, It’s Sunday

How do we keep the Sabbath today? Many of us have “Sabbath keeping” stories from growing up. Yet, what do we do to remember the Sabbath? What is the Sabbath’s purpose and how can it bless us today?

Scripture Reference: Exodus 20: 8-11


So, What's The DealAs a church we want to train up our youth…. pass on the faith, provide them with a community of Jesus followers and, of course, help them to experience the love of God.

Yet, as adults we are not always the teachers. For this to work we need to be listeners and learners. “Do not hinder them to come to me. The kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” We want to be understood too. We often do know what we are talking about… really!

So here’s the deal…. if we listen and learn from you and lift you up. Will you do the same?

Scripture References: Proverbs 22: 6, I Timothy 1: 5,    Matthew 19: 13-14



by CLC_Staff on April 15, 2016

Ten Commandments, week 3

So, What’s In A Name?

Not using the name of the Lord in vain seems antiquated today. Just what does this mean? How can we honor the name of the Lord and use it in sacred ways, not profane ones?

Scripture Reference: Exodus 20: 7


April 4, 2016

Do idols still exist? What do they look like? How do we make them? Do you have one? Today we look at modern day idols. Scripture Reference: Exodus 20: 4-6

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April 1, 2016

NO OTHER GOD Do people still have other Gods? Today we begin a series on the Ten Commandments. There are 10 pretty clear rules. They’re ancient to be sure. We see echoes of them in other cultures and languages. What is their impact today? Note that only three of them are illegal, yet what would […]

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Jesus is____________?, Week 11

March 21, 2016

EASTER SUNDAY – HE IS RISEN! Jesus is the Living & Resurrected One We conclude our series on Luke. Who is Jesus? He is the living and resurrected one. John writes, “I am the resurrection and the life.” This life which we are offered is divine and eternal life. It is different from biological life. […]

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JESUS IS________________?, week 10

March 15, 2016

Jesus is the Crucified One We near the end of our study in Luke. It cannot be denied that Jesus was crucified. It must be said, in fact Paul writes, “We preach Christ crucified. ” We look at what that means for us today. Scripture Reference: Luke 23: 26-43. I Corinthians 1:13

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Jesus As New Testament Prophet

March 7, 2016

This week we again welcome, Rev. Jean LeMahieu, who will be filling in for Pastor Tom while he is away. Sermon Title: Jesus As New Testament Prophet In a world of doom and gloom where bad news often dominates even the conversations of Christians, the church needs the gift of prophecy to edify, encourage, and […]

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JESUS IS ______________? week 9

February 29, 2016

Jesus Illuminates If there is no light you will not see. If your eyes don’t work you will not see. Yet, when Jesus illuminates, everything begins to come clear. Scripture Reference: Luke 11: 33-36  

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JESUS IS ______________? week 8

February 22, 2016

Jesus Is The One To Listen There are so many people talking to us. Not just friends and neighbors, but newscasters, sportscasters, weathermen, advertisers, commentators, politicians, sales people, authors, musicians, movie makers … and more. Who are you listening to? How do we tune it out? Listen to the Son. Scripture Reference: Luke 9: 28-36 […]

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