Jesus As New Testament Prophet

by CLC_Staff on March 7, 2016

3-13-16 Jean LeMahieu Jesus NT Prophet WEBThis week we again welcome, Rev. Jean LeMahieu, who will be filling in for Pastor Tom while Pastor Jean LeMahieuhe is away.

Sermon Title: Jesus As New Testament Prophet

In a world of doom and gloom where bad news often dominates even the conversations of Christians, the church needs the gift of prophecy to edify, encourage, and console.  In Luke 9 we see Jesus showing His disciples that he is not like the Old Testament prophets who brought words of warning and judgment, but that He is about to show the world the greatest love it has ever seen.  Jesus sets His face to Jerusalem to die on the cross to save sinners, and give them a new identity in Christ.  As we follow Him, we also can touch people both in and apart from Christ’s church by speaking a prophetic word into their lives.  This message will both show what kind of prophet Jesus was when He walked on earth and how we can continue His work by growing in the gift of prophecy.

Scripture References: Scriptures: Luke 9:51-56; I Corinthians 14:1-5

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