by CLC_Staff on August 8, 2012

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Over 75 yards of playground bark lie in readiness on each of the playgrounds at Pathfinder and Daisybrook Elementary Schools, waiting to be spread strategically under the swings and other playground equipment. Once again we have the opportunity to serve our community and neighbors through this dusty and physically taxing task by making the playgrounds a little safer for the children. Make it a point to invite some friends to join you for coffee, juice, rolls, and an early morning devotion at 8:30am at Pathfinder Elementary on Saturday, August 25th, followed by a morning of service and fellowship aimed at being a blessing to our community. We’ll move over to Daisybrook after completing our work at Pathfinder, and aim to finish up around 12:30pm. Bring your favorite bark spreading tools, wheel barrows, etc.

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