by CLC_Staff on May 20, 2013

Miracle Graphic
Beginning April 14, Rev. Jasperse will be preaching a 7-week series on the Miracles of Jesus. These events in the Gospels reveal a lot about God. We will also explore together what the role of miracles is today.

April 14 – It’s A Miracle! – An Introduction to the Miracles of Jesus
April 21 – It’s A New Day! – Jesus Turns Water Into Wine
April 28 – Do You Know Who I Am? – Jesus Heals the Paralytic
May 5 – Are We Ready? – Jesus Casts Out Demons
May 12 -What Are You Afraid Of? – Jesus Restores Life
May 19 – Who Is That Man? – Jesus Walks on Water
May 26 – Yes, But What Do You Think? – Jesus Heals the Man Born Blind

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