THE POW!er OF WORDS: Repealing Sarcasm

by CLC_Staff on February 21, 2017

The POW!er of Words: Repealing Sarcasm

The old joke is… “Pastor, it must be nice to work one day a week!” How does one address comments, “made in jest”? Sarcasm is in epidemic proportion in today’s society. It is so prevalent that we use it ourselves and hardly notice. Yet, it is a not so subtle way to demean people… and even worse, it is unassailable. Try to reply to sarcasm with, “Hey, that hurts!”, and you’ll see what I mean. I think it is time to expose sarcasm and repeal its usage. It should not be a cultural norm, certainly not in the Kingdom of God.

Scripture References:   Ephesians 4: 29, James 3: 3-7

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